Developing Others Through Coaching, 1-day workshop

Improve the performance of others through expert coaching and development!

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This is a one-day workshop designed to help you work with others to develop their performance. Whether you are a learning and development professional, a manager, a supervisor or a team leader, these skills will help you to be able to notice people's skills, abilities and potential, discriminate between good and excellent performance and improve the performance of those who are struggling in particular areas.

As more managers are now assessed on their ability to develop their own teams, these versatile skills will help you to challenge yourself to achieve your own managerial competences.

This workshop builds the specific management skills of behavioral observation, feedback, questioning, coaching and development planning to improve the performance of others. The workshop is practical, interactive and based in real experience. This workbook is your personal record of learning: use it to record thoughts and ideas, as well as a reference to theoretical materials that may be useful to you in future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Observation skills, in order to discriminate between effective and ineffective behaviors
  • Giving feedback and raising awareness of the impact of behaviors on others
  • Using appropriate questioning skills to coach others to develop ideas
  • Helping others to review performance as part of a learning process
  • Coaching others in personal and professional goal setting

The materials supplied with this workshop design allow you to deliver a full-day program (7 hours of activity divided into four modules) to up to 16 participants. The core materials are:

  • 1 set of the Colourblind toolbox activity
  • 1 set of Simmetrics toolbox activity
  • 1 set of Voyage Mapping Individual Coaching toolbox activity
  • 1 PowerPoint Presentation of key points
  • 1 Facilitator Manual
  • A Participant Workbook, for reproduction as required, is included on the USB supplied.


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