Breakthrough Thinking, 1-day workshop

A fully designed and resourced, one-day experiential learning workshop

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Breakthrough Thinking: A fully designed and resourced, one-day experiential learning workshop!

Are you interested in teaching and developing the skills of innovation, creative thinking and creative problem-solving? This is a practical, fast-paced and interactive workshop now available for you to deliver by yourself. Add this workshop to your resource library!

RSVP Design has created a full-day (7 hour) workshop, with all the practical resources, full facilitation notes, a slide presentation and re-printable materials and participant workbooks needed for a group of up to 16.

The materials supplied with this workshop design and full facilitation manual include:

  • 1 set of 8 laminated "Optical Illusions" pictures (also on CD)
  • 1 set of Seeing the Point toolbox activity
  • 8 pairs of "handcuff" ropes
  • 2 packs of Innovation Images (48 cards per set)
  • 8 sets of "Coaching for Innovation" tasks and process questions
  • 8 "Mystery Objects" (4 pairs of 2 different objects)
  • 1 brief and list of Coin Sorter materials
  • 1 PowerPoint presentation of key points
  • A Participant Workbook and other supporting materials are included on the CD supplied, for reproduction as required


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Key Objectives:

  • Understand the difference between creativity and innovation
  • Recognize the stages in an innovation process and the contributions that individuals make
  • Practice a range of creative thinking techniques to generate new ideas
  • Apply creative and innovative thinking principles in practical problem-solving
  • Understand and use questioning techniques in coaching for innovation
  • Use the techniques to work on real-life problems identified and selected by the group

Developed by RSVP Design, LTD.