Trainer Library

No need to reinvent the wheel every time you set off to train your groups on a new topic. Find all the training resources you need to create dynamic, interactive, memorable training. These training materials represent the best-of-the-best books and courses, for new or seasoned training professionals. Whether you’re developing your groups’ skills in diversity, team building, communication, leadership, management, or a slew of other professional development areas, these resources are a perfect start. Customize them to your organization’s needs for stellar training.  


We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for everything training. We also know that customers rely on us to sell only high-quality, well-developed training tools and resources. That’s why we review every product we sell, making certain that it meets our high standards for content, quality, and value. Our curated collections of books, videos, and course materials are developed by best-in-class trainers and consultants so that you can use the materials with confidence. Most training materials we sell include thoughtful facilitation instructions to help you apply them successfully to whatever topic you teach.


We have literally 100s of training resources to help transform your training from good to great. Of course, it starts with your great content and your skillful facilitation style. After that, add a few fun tools to make your training even more memorable. For instance, try a set of audience response tools like Answer Boards or Game Buzzers and prizes to increase the participation of every student. To set incoming groups at ease, get started by laying out a set of fidget toys on the participants’ tables. Or, toss around a unique Silver Series Thumball for a time-worthy get-to-know-you exercise. Top off your set of training materials with end-of-session debriefing and review tools, so the new knowledge becomes even stickier.