Yin Yang Health Balls - Silent (set of 2)

Build agility, relax and exercise your hands!

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Need to relax and find your inner Zen? The Yin Yang Health Balls, also known as Baoding Balls or Chinese Medicine Balls, promise to calm your mind and improve fine motor skills, without drawing your concentration away from the task at hand. Although unsupported by scientific research, these balls are believed to activate different therapeutic pressure points found in the palm of the hands and help exercise the muscles around the wrists, hands and arms, thereby improving overall energy flow.

Usually balls like this contain a chime sound. To make them more suitable for classroom use, we only offer Silent Baoding Balls, so you can incorporate their calming effect into your daily routine without distracting others.

Each ball measures a bit over 1.25 inches in diameter and features the peacock design.

Package Includes: 2 Balls.

Material: Carbon Steel Grade