Wacky Tracks (48 links)

Bend and click! A very satisfying 'fiddle.'

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Make Learning Fun With Wacky Tracks!

Fidget "toys" are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners need to keep their hands on something in order to absorb information easily and stay focused.

Bend, form, and click this articulated plastic chain into all kinds of creative shapes or just use it to fidget! To enhance the overall experience, the Wacky Tracks fidget makes a soft but satisfying "click" sound when manipulated. It’s a great, sturdy fidget that can take a beating and go through the dishwasher for cleaning!

The Wacky Tracks fidget toy consists of 48 colorful links that bend, snap, and flex. The interesting designs that are made are only limited by your imagination. You can even open up two Wacky Track Fidget Toys and join them together into one huge loop. No matter who you’re purchasing Wacky Tracks for, they’re sure to enjoy this helpful fidget toy.

Wacky Tracks Features:

  • Fidget toy comes with 48 links.
  • Each link is 8.75
  • Packed with random assorted color links,: blue/magenta, green/magenta, and blue/green
  • Clicks each time links are connected.
  • Sturdy fidget toy for kinesthetic learners.

Wacky Tracks Fidget Toy for Your Workplace or Classroom

Founded in 1990, Trainers Warehouse is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to helping you find all the materials you need to do your job better. Whether you’re looking to use our Wacky Tracks toy in your workplace or you’re interested in our vast selection of other toys and fidgets, you’ll discover that we offer ample high-quality tools to energize learners and help them stay focused. With benefits like our 100% satisfaction guarantee and products made especially for you that you can’t find anywhere else, it’s never been easier to train and educate. Buy now or learn more below!


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  • 5
    outstanding toy. Innovative, simple, safe

    I have found them impossible to resist by kids I see in my medical practice. Kids take them up and make different shapes, and play with them in innovative ways that is a good window to their creative play. It competes well with the ipad. Gives me a change to have parent's undivided attention for a while.

  • 5
    One of my favorites

    I use this fiddle all the time, for meetings, working on a project at my desk, anywhere I need to concentrate and focus. It makes a great clicking noise as you fiddle with it. It also comes apart so you can organize the pieces by color if you like.

  • 3
    Longer version of Klixx

    These toys are fun because their length allows for them to be twisted into more complex shapes. The downside is the noise--the clicking can be distracting, so they should not be used in an environment where noise is a concern[...]. With a small order this wouldn't be a big concern, but in large quantities this takes a significant amount of time.

Wacky Tracks (48 links)

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