Wacky Tracks (48 links)

Bend and click! A very satisfying 'fiddle.'

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Bend, form and click this articulated plastic chain into all kinds of creative shapes, letters, or just use it to fidget! Makes a soft but satisfying "click" sound when manipulated. A great sturdy fidget.

Each Wacky Track has 48 links, each link is .875", made from hard plastic.

Assorted color combinations, packed randomly.This item comes in assorted color combinations, including blue/magenta, green/magenta and blue/green.

Fidget "toys" are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do with their hands.


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    outstanding toy. Innovative, simple, safe

    Posted by Dr T on Jan 14th 2017

    I have found them impossible to resist by kids I see in my medical practice. Kids take them up and make different shapes, and play with them in innovative ways that is a good window to their creative play. It competes well with the ipad. Gives me a change to have parent's undivided attention for a while.

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    One of my favorites

    Posted by marfy043 on Mar 17th 2016

    I use this fiddle all the time, for meetings, working on a project at my desk, anywhere I need to concentrate and focus. It makes a great clicking noise as you fiddle with it. It also comes apart so you can organize the pieces by color if you like.

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    Longer version of Klixx

    Posted by Frank Fiddler on Aug 12th 2010

    These toys are fun because their length allows for them to be twisted into more complex shapes. The downside is the noise--the clicking can be distracting, so they should not be used in an environment where noise is a concern[...]. With a small order this wouldn't be a big concern, but in large quantities this takes a significant amount of time.