Off The Beaten Path Fiddle Set (22/set)

Expand and add to your fidget collection!

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If you're looking for a set of fidget tools that's a little harder to find, this one's for you. The fidget tools in this kit may not boast the same popularity as some of the others, but they add option and variety for those looking to broaden their collection (And, we love them)!

Set typically includes: Sock Monkey, Mental Block, Centipede, Loopeez, Loopeez Jr, Gyrobi, Square Gyrobi, SwingOs, Gel Ball, Original Slinky, Cheese/Mice, Glitter Bead Ball, Magni Stones, Magic Folding Cube, Shiatsu Spiky Ball, Stretchy String, Twiddle, Therapy Bead Ball, Figit Finger and Geo Twister.

Contents may vary slightly.