Yellow Squeeze Star

fiddle toy 3' diam.

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3" diameter, squeezable foam, yellow. The beautiful golden star works wonderfully as:

  • Golden star rewards
  • Stress toys
  • 5-point reminders (just write on them with a permanent marker!)

Fidget "toys" are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do with their hands.

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    Great product!

    I use it to reinforce leadership behavior

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    LIttle Lumas Gone Wild!

    I began buying these stars in bulk last year. I started buying 20 at a time, and then I increased it to 50. My goal is to give everyone that I know a star. I like to reward my coworkers with them and I like to just leave them places. I call the little stars Lumas and I think they are one of the most successful personal projects that I have created this year. The amount of intrigue and enjoyment that comes from someone receiving them has been a unique life lesson in providing feedback and reward to people.

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    Fits well with a "STARS" training class

    I train new hires to use a program called STARS. They receive the STAR the last day of the three week class just prior to taking the final exam. The STAR helps the students to relax a little from the humor, gives them a stress relief tool to use during the final and a nice souviner from the class to take with them.

Yellow Squeeze Star

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