Elephant Sandbag

A throwable that will help students REMEMBER your lesson!

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Use this adorable 3"x6" fabric Elephant filled with sand as a game accessory, throwable, or stress toy. It's a "beanbag" with a hidden agenda -- use it as a way to ensure they'll remember your lesson, just like the proverbial elephant that never forgets. Or, toss it around as part of a game to focus on the "elephant in the room" -- that taboo subject that never gets mentioned.

Assorted styles and colors, randomly packed.

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    I would buy this product again

    I used this elephant during a presentation to emphasize the concept of not being stressed out and remember to "eat the elephant one bite at a time". This went over very well and the elephants were adored by all!

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    These are awesome

    Nice ice breaker

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    Adorable stress reliever

    I ordered only one elephant to check out its quality and usability. I confess I kept it for my desk. It is very appealing and cheers me up to look over and see it. I'm sure it would make a great fiddler for stress relief in the classroom, but it is so engaging it might distract from classroom instructiion. I'd keep these elephants for a reward/gold star item instead of including in batch of classroom fiddlers.

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    Quality beanbag

    It throws and catches easily. I like it as a light-hearted way to bring up any "elephant in the room" at the beginning of a meeting.