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  • Rainbow Magni-Stones Rainbow Magni-Stones (6/set)

    Rainbow Magni-Stones (6/set)

    Rainbow Magni-Stones are magnetic Hematine (a synthetic form of Hematite) that stick together almost magically. In your hands, these powerful magnets are absolutely irresistible and make fantastic finger fiddles for your more fidgety learners! Each stone...


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  • Notebook DocU-Sleeve

    Notebook DocU-Sleeves

    This is our 8.5" x 11" DocU-Sleeve with a 3-hole punched side, to make it easy to save and store your favorite signs in a binder. Or, create a presentation notebook with tons of uses! DocU-Sleeves are perfect for all of your signage needs. If the...


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  • Meet & Greet Thumball, side Meet & Greet Thumball, side

    Meet & Greet Thumball

    Use the Meet & Greet Thumball for icebreakers or to help groups break the silence and get conversation moving along.  Just toss the ball and ask the recipient to look under their thumb and share their reaction to the prompt they reveal. Thumball...


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  • Bendable Doodle Pen

    Bendable Doodle Pen

    Encourage fidgeting and doodling! The Bendable Doodle Pen acts as both a fidget toy and a writing tool!These little guys are fun to play with and do double-duty as a note-taking pen. Not quite sure about doodling? A recent study* on doodling showed that...


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  • Magical Rabbit Trophy

    Magical Rabbit Trophy

    Celebrate Above and Beyond Achievements! Every task or project comes with setbacks, delays, and challenges. When you're able to push past and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, it feels great. And, it feels even GREATER when someone in your organization notices and...


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  • Multi Colored Whiteboard Mini Erasers (12/set) Multi Colored Whiteboard Mini Erasers; 4 assorted colors

    Multi Colored Whiteboard Mini Erasers (12/set)

    These colorful, new, mini-whiteboard erasers make a great addition to your office, classrooms and meeting rooms. Whiteboard products are a quick and easy way to make meetings, games and learning events more participatory and the colorful erasers can make...


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  • Painters Hats ; with writing and markers Man wearing Painters Hat

    Painters Hats (1 dozen)

    Class spirit will soar with this fun alternative to traditional name badges. These white Painters Hats accept all types of color markers. Plus, these hats have no elastic, so they won't ruin hair-do's! Polyester blend fabric; sturdy, reinforced brim; and...


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  • Exceeding Expectations Mirrors

    Exceeding Expectations Mirrors (10/set)

    The Exceeding Expectations Mirrors are perfect reminders to express positive attitudes and a can-do work ethic. Keep groups performing at their best! Mirrors are backed with a gentle adhesive tab so that they can be mounted and removed from a computer...


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  • Plush Fish Striped; 3 assorted colors

    Plush Fish Striped 12 inch

    A soft stuffed fish to throw or make a point! A fish is a really versatile prop no matter what you teach. Many use it for customer service training, to celebrate the famous Pike Place fish market in Seattle and share the "Fish Philosopy": Be There Make...


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  • Balance Ball Chair with Back Support Balance Ball Chair with Back Support, in use

    Balance Ball Chair with Back Support

    Welcome to the world of active sitting and a chair that just might change your life!Our Balance Ball Chair provides all-day ergonomic support for a stronger healthier back. By sitting on the ball, you'll improve your posture and spinal alignment while...


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