3-tone Chime

Gracefully gather people after a break!

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This is the classiest way we know to bring your people back to their seats. These three-toned chimes are affordable, pleasant, and friendly. Ideal for small classrooms. Complete with mallet. Wood and metal construction. 7.25" x 3.5" x 1.25"

Tones are G, D, F.

View video for great ideas on how to use CHIMES in meetings!


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    Good product

    These chimes have a nice tone, and are a nice way to get everyone's attention. For a regular classroom, you need to tap the chimes very gently, or the sound is too loud. Seem to be designed for a large room.

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    Add nice sounds to your reception area!

    This is a fun, easy product to use. People love using it when they come in to our office! Thanks!

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    Excellent product - Fast delivery

    The only thing I'd change is the material of the head of the mallet. It looks a little bit cheap, but it may be required for the sound. I'd prefer wood, for example.

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    3-tone Chimes

    Very nice.

  • 5
    Excellent attention getter!

    I use the chime in our library. It gives my middle schoolers something different to catch their attention. Each chime can be used to signal a different activity.

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    Great Teacher Gift

    While this is not something I am personally using, I gave it as a gift to a teacher friend of mine and she love, love, loves it.

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    love this chime

    Very useful for calling a class back from break. It's a pleasant tone, but gets their attention.

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    An Effective, Friendly Call to Order

    I found this chime through a woman that came to our hospital to conduct managers training. I thought it was a very clever way to call a meeting to order. I ordered one for my CEO for Christmas. It is well made, good-looking and quite effective in getting peoples' attention. My only criticism is the tone on the chime I received. It is not as pleasant a 3-tone "key" as was the management trainer's 3-tone chime.

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    3-tone Chine

    The 3-tones are very pleasant yet can be heard above the sounds of many people talking. Several teachers at a presentation asked where they could buy one for themselves.