Mini Prize Wheel 20 in. diam.

A prize wheel small enough to travel with you wherever you go

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Spin the wheel for instant fun! Use it to motivate your group, award prizes, select questions, choose teams, or play games.

Mini Prize Wheel is a great tabletop model that's 20.5" in diameter, extends to 30" high x 18" deep, weighs 6 lbs. Includes directions for downloading templates to customize the 12 "sections." The clicker itself is made of virtually unbreakable nylon plastic, able to withstand thousands of spins.

The Mini Prize Wheel can be purchased by itself, or as a Combo with the Travel Case (#GAWPMC)

PLEASE NOTE: TRAVEL CASE SHOWN IN IMAGE IS NOT INCLUDED. And, case not intended as a shipping case.

If you order a Case at the same time as your Prize Wheel, the Prize Wheel will be shipped inside the case, saving you time and reducing your shipping costs!

International customers, please note: We regret that we are unable to ship this item outside of the U.S.

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