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NOTE: Allow 3-4 weeks delivery time

Ready-to-go Training Kits!

These extraordinary kits by Training Wheels Inc., experts in team building, are filled with a variety of portable team-building games, which utilize a wide range of props and simulations that can be tailored to challenge, energize and re-focus any team.

The kits are great for indoor or outdoor use. Each comes in a high-quality wheeled duffle with all activities stored in their own grab bag, keeping props organized and easy to find. The Field Guide has concise, easy-to-read instructions for all activities.

The Ultimate Kit is a trainer's favorite, a hearty collection of over 445 activities -- name games, icebreakers, consensus tools, energizers, diversity activities, problem solving initiatives, trust activities, debriefing tools, and more!

The Teambuilding Kits are bags full of portable teambuilding initiatives. Each kit includes a wide range of props and simulations for anywhere from 300-450 activities designed to challenge, energize, and re-focus any team. The activities inside can be tailored to the desired learning outcome of any group--from corporate to youth groups. The activities can reinforce a variety of common teambuilding goals such as communication, problem solving, decision making, cooperation, creativity, trust building, conflict resolution, and community building.

Each initiative is stored in its own separate grab bag that keep props organized and easy to find. The kit is equipped with a Field Guide that has concise, easy to read instructions for each activity. Each activity lists the type of activity it is, such as an Energizer, Problem-Solving, Trust Building, etc. It also gives suggestions for basic set up and goes over any safety concerns. Each page of the Field Guide has a picture on it. That same picture is on a tag that is attached to the stuff sack that contains all the props you would need to facilitate that activity. It is very user friendly and helps to keep staff and the kit well organized. It is easy to keep track of inventory as the tag also describes what should be in that stuff sack.

Most of the teambuilding activities are designed for groups of 12-15. However, there are also some big group games included that can be done with groups of 300 or more. You can increase the number of participants by adding more facilitators. For example, if you have a group of 100 people and you have the Ultimate Kit, you can have 10 groups of 10 working out of the same bag, using the same activities at different times.

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