The Road to There - 4 ft. x 2 ft. map

Create buy-in, increase creative energy, and inspire ownership in an organizations plan to win!

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Studies have shown that when people are actively involved in the thinking and decision-making process, there is a sense of ownership that inspires results that exceed expectations. The Road to "THERE is the tool to create buy-in, increase creative energy, and inspire ownership in an organizations plan to win!

This simple tool takes the fear out of strategic planning, which for many people conjures up images of heated arguments, confusion, unresolved disagreements, hours of circular-reasoning disguised as healthy debate, and for some, the embarrassment of not knowing how.

Yet, without a clear and effective plan that lays out a roadmap to the future, and to which team members can buy-in, the organization creates an environment that is prime for chaos.

The Road to THERE walks individuals and teams through the process of visualizing the future and creating a clear road map that identifies the objectives, the potential obstacles, and the distance between where you currently are and how far you need to go to get THERE. With it are the Hows that everyone involved can participate in creating therefore making it real to the individual contributor and inspiring ownership.

The Small Kit for The Road to There consists of:

  • one 4 ft x 2 ft. vinyl Road Map & 3M Velcro strips for wall-mounting
  • 2 sets of Mind-mapping Activity sticky-note pads (5 different pads with 25 sheets/pad)
  • 1 25-sheet Road Map Worksheet Notepad
  • Reproducible Worksheets and Planning Sheets, PowerPoint Presentation with Case Study example, and Facilitator Instructions on USB flash drive

The Road to There is also available in a Deluxe version, with a larger 6- foot-wide vinyl map (as shown in the video above). See #GAGFRTL

Extra sticky pads sold separately. See #GAGFRX.