Happiness Factory Participant Workbooks (Pack of 5)

Participant Workbook for the half-day Happiness Factory workshop

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The Happiness Factory is a half-day workshop that explores the theory and science of happiness at work and shows employees how to feel more connected to their own company's culture. This learning tool allows participants to develop their workplace satisfaction within the organization's culture.

The Happiness Factory helps participants apply the concept of happiness at work. The workshop demonstrates how to create a work environment that fosters engaged and happy employees. It takes the concept of a manufacturing facility and uses it as an analogy for the production of happiness. Participants move through a series of factory stations that represent an area of the workplace where happiness and engagement can be improved.

The Happiness Factory Participant Workbook is a saddle-stitched printed workbook. Participants explore the importance of a successful onboarding experience and building a connection to the organizational culture that includes creating a better alignment to personal values.

Sold in Pack of 5

[NOTE: In order to use the Participant workbook, you should already have purchased the Happiness Factory Facilitator Guide (see product #RBHFF)]