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Portable group problem solving exercise

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Mini Sequencer Mini Sequencer is a portable group problem solving exercise, where participants need to replicate a diagram by constructing pieces of plywood. The NEW Mini Version of Sequencer is made from durable and lightweight plywood, and is now perfect for travelling to training sessions and events due to the new even smaller size and the portability of the new carry tube which can often fit in the overhead on many airlines. Sequencer requires close co-operation, strong leadership and excellent communication skills between members, as well as a clear allocation of team roles. This activity is also known as Planks, Gridlock, Perplexity, Puzzled Proper, Shelving, or Cycle Time. Key Features Learning Focus " Effective Communication " Improving Performance " Instruction & Delegation " Planning & Monitoring " Problem Solving " Time Management Group Size " Ideal: 4 - 6 " Possible: 4 - 8 Duration " 30-60 Minutes plus review Learning Objectives " Planning and implementation process by planning an initial process for gathering detailed information to construct the structure " Using trial and error as well as a detailed recording system to identify and sort plywood components " Time management for completing the structure under a strict time pressure " Problem solving skills " Effective instruction and delegation of responsibilities between team members " Being able to improve performance by finding effective systems and procedures for constructing the structure in a shorter time frame " Supervisory leadership Activity Materials 15x Individual Plywood components - largest piece is 61cm (2 feet), Facilitator manual and carry case. Package Weight: 1.5kg When assembled fully Mini Sequencer is 72cm x 70cm (28.3"x27.5"). Typically a small rectangular table can be used as an assembly area! This sealed man-made laminated marine plywood version is suitable for import to all countries, including Australia