The KnowBrainer® Innovation and Training Tool

Hand-held, fan-deck tool that helps you quickly think better, faster and smarter

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The KnowBrainer® is a hand-held, fan-deck tool that helps you quickly think better, faster and smarter using hundreds of proven questions, words, quotes and images as inspiration.

THE PROCESS:  The conveniently color-coded deck will guide you through this proven whole-brain model, the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation™ process:

  • INVESTIGATE Needs (blue)
  • CREATE Ideas (yellow)
  • EVALUATE Solutions (green)
  • ACTIVATE Plans (red)

Do you want to BE more creative? Do you want to KNOW how to innovate faster? Do you want to FEEL empowered? If you answered yes, you need the KnowBrainer Innovation Tool. The 5-ounce, compact (just 2x 4.5 inches or 5.1 cm x 11.4 cm), and portable tool has 180 color-coded cards that use a proven innovation language.

NEW Edition of World's Most Popular Innovation and Brainstorming Tool Increases Creativity.

  • Train Your Brain to Think Better, Faster and Smarter
  • Generate Ideas to Achieve Goals, Solve Problems
  • Overcome Challenges and Develop Opportunities
  • Apply Thought-Provoking Questions, Words, Quotes, and Images to Think Through the Proven 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation Process
  • Ideal for Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Experience Design, Teaching, Training, and Coaching, Planning, and Writing
  • Used by Over 100,000 People in 26 Countries to Brainstorm Over 2,000,000 Ideas
  • Better Than Traditional Books or Apps - It's a TOOL.
  • Portable, Compact, Handheld Tool Fits in Your Pocket, Backpack, Briefcase or Purse

CARDS FOR EACH STAGE OF THE INNOVATION PROCESS: Used by consultants, facilitators, managers and team leaders, the deck provides fodder FOR EACH STAGE of the innovation process, including:

  • 10 thought provoking QUESTIONS to help frame your thinking
  • 10 NOUNS prompting you to articulate what you KNOW
  • 10 VERBS inviting you to think about next steps or ACTIONS you might take
  • 5 QUOTES to spark your imagination and inspire creative thinking



The KnowBrainer is an idea-generation tool that transforms a complex process into 8 easy-to-follow STEPS:

  1. Identify a primary goal, challenge, problem or opportunity
  2. Determine the total available time for each Stage
  3. INVESTIGATE needs*
  4. CREATE ideas*
  5. EVALUATE solutions*
  6. ACTIVATE plans*

* For each Stage (steps 3-6):

i.     Scan cards and brainstorm ideas and connections relating to the goal

ii.     Skip cards that do not stimulate ideas (possibly return to those later)

iii.     Record ideas, thoughts, questions and images on paper, flipchart, or electronically

  1. SUMMARIZE results
  2. PRIORITIZE next steps


Who Should Use the KnowBrainer?  
Everyone Who Wants To Innovate Better, Faster, & Smarter.

The KnowBrainer was designed to be used by anyone for almost any purpose. It is based on how most human brains think, and therefore can be used in a variety of job situations, functions, professions and age groups. The KnowBrainer has been used by people in management, sales, marketing, public relations, communications, product and service development, finance and operations. Students and professors at several prominent universities and schools have found the KnowBrainer to be extremely valuable. Many people have used the KnowBrainer to prepare for entrepreneurial opportunities, change careers or find a new job.

How Will the KnowBrainer Help You? 
Create Breakthrough Ideas Everywhere, Everytime with Everybody.   

The tool has helped thousands of people generate millions of ideas… and it can help YOU. People have used the KnowBrainer tool to invent award-winning products or services. Thousands of people have used the KnowBrainer to develop, sell, market and promote ideas. Many people have used the KnowBrainer to plan meetings, events, conferences and conventions. Others have used to tool to develop plans that help people implement and execute ideas. Professors and teachers have used the KnowBrainer to teach students how to be more creative and innovative. The KnowBrainer has also been used as a "textbook replacement" for a graduate level innovation course at Northwestern University

If you need to save time or gain time, then the KnowBrainer is for you, your team, or your customers. If you need to increase profits or communicate more value, the KnowBrainer is for you.