Emergency Response Thumball

Enhance trainings, test for comprehension and review important material!

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The Emergency Response Thumball looks like a cool soccer ball, but is soft, safe, and has its 32 panels pre-printed with important safety questions suited for adults and teens. Use it to enhance trainings, test for comprehension & review important material. The ball is 6" diameter. Instructions and answer key inside card.

Although this Thumball does not replace taking an actual class in Emergency Preparedness or First Aid & Injury Prevention, it's a great tool to reinforce lessons learned.


Emergency Response Thumball Questions and Answers (answers are not printed on the ball)

  1. Bit by a snake?  Don't panic, identify snake, remove jewelry, call 911.
  2. Clothes catch on fire? Stop, drop, and roll. Or use blanket to smother flames.
  3. Someone being mistreated or bullied? If it is safe, intervene. If not, call 911.
  4. Need to carry a heavy object? Bend knees, squat down, looking straight ahead, keeping back straight, lift.
  5. See a car wreck? Call 911, park on same side of road. Watch for traffic.
  6. Someone fall from a tree or roof? Have them lay still, limit movement. Call 911. If unresponsive, start CPR.
  7. Someone has allergic reaction? If have EPI-Pen, help them administer. Call 911.
  8. Encounter a growling dog? Back away slowly, make no eye contact! Tell dog to go home, in a firm voice.
  9. Someone has a seizure? Describe symptoms. Loss of consciousness, shaking. Do not put anything in mouth, after seizure, place on side. If not breathing, start CPR.
  10. What if you get frostbite? Symptoms? Burning, tingling, numbness. Skin waxy with blisters. Remove wet clothing, rewarm slowly, and elevate extremity. Call 911.
  11. Fire in the microwave? Keep the door closed, unplug appliance. Call 911.
  12. Working with machinery? Don't wear loose clothing, keep hair pulled back, wear boots, no jewelry. Avoid distractions.
  13. Someone is choking? See if they can talk or cough. If not, do obstructed airway maneuver: baby- 5 back blows, 5 chest thrusts. Children/adults-stand behind, place fist in abdomen, above belly button, in 1 movement, press in firmly and repeatedly. If they lose consciousness, start CPR. Call 911.
  14. The weather sirens sound?  Go to an inside room without windows. If you have shelter outside, go there if you can safely. Squat down, cover your head.
  15. What if you are home alone, a stranger knocks on the door? Don't open the door. If they persist, call 911.
  16. What if you have a cut that won't stop bleeding?  Hold pressure, elevate, use a tourniquet if trained. Call 911.
  17. Someone breaks an arm or leg?  Place in comfortable position. Call 911.
  18. House or office filled with smoke? Know where your exits are, crawl low under the smoke. Go outside and call 911.
  19. Fall through the ice? Don't breathe in water, stay calm. If under water, look for hole, stay afloat, breathe slowly. Find strongest part of ice & get as much of your body out, roll away from hole, retrace steps, get warm.
  20. Friend or colleague experiences chest pain? Call 911. Get the first aid kit and defibrillator; ask if they have a list of medicines.
  21. Shows you a gun? Back away, ask them to put it away. Possibly tell your manager.
  22. Smoke alarm sounds & can't get out of room? Feel door, if hot, stay in room. Put blanket along bottom of door, open window & make a flag to wave. Stay close to floor.
  23. Someone swallows toxic material? Call poison control 1-800-222-1222. Do not make them vomit. Have container in hand so you can answer questions.
  24. You start to choke and nobody to help? Call 911. They will send someone to your location if you can't talk. Find sturdy object, table, chair, couch, and lean over it, putting corner in lower abdomen.
  25. Cooking and it catches on fire? Turn off heat, cover with lid. Do not put water on it or try to carry outside. Call 911.
  26. Dangling power lines? Call 911. Do not move them or drive through them. Warn others to stay away.
  27. Hazardous substance gets in your eye? Read label on container. If it's ok, wash with copious amounts of water. Call 911.
  28. Stabbed by a sharp object (pencil, knife...) Do not remove it! Stabilize with gauze, towel, paper. Call 911.
  29. What if you need to treat a burn? Cool it with water. Remove any burned clothes, keep victim covered and warm. Call 911.
  30. What if you sprain your ankle? Stabilized, elevate leg and apply ice pack.