Be A Leader Thumball

Discuss what it takes to be a leader!

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Look under your thumb and share!

The Be a Leader Thumball gets the conversation going about what skills great leaders possess, and guides players through a bit of introspection as they consider their own leadership strengths or opportunities for improvement.

This ball contains 32 panels including both reflective and forward-thinking prompts! Players share their reaction to whatever prompt lies beneath their thumb.

Be a Leader Thumball Prompts include...

  1. I'd be a better leader if I spent more time on...
  2. Talents I aspire to have on my team (that I don't have)
  3. When my workers disagree with me, I...
  4. Making decisions is hard when...
  5. The #1 leadership trait
  6. I get honest feedback from workers when...
  7. When an employee makes a mistake, I...
  8. How I get the best ideas from my team
  9. What motivates me?
  10. A risk I'd like to take
  11. Tasks I hope to delegate
  12. I can model work-life balance by...
  13. How I can make employees feel valued
  14. The best morale-builder I know is...
  15. A way I can brighten people's day
  16. I want most for my team to view me as...
  17. What I most value in a team member
  18. If I can't fulfill a promise, I...
  19. Am I a good follower? Why?
  20. A time I used power in a positive way
  21. What makes me impatient
  22. I get to know my staff by...
  23. What I like/dislike about coaching others
  24. In my role, I am most frustrated by...
  25. I foster learning by...
  26. I am least effective when...
  27. I last thanked a colleague or staff member when...
  28. I like/dislike having power because...
  29. I inspire creativity by...
  30. I can build buy-in for my vision by...
  31. When the needs among factions conflict, I...
  32. How I could promote greater diversity

[NOTE: Silver Series Conversation Prompts are available as Thumballs, UNZiP-IT! Pocket & Deck, and Virtual/Remote PPT.]

** TIPS **


Some seem to be born leaders; others must work at it. No matter who you are, you'll be a better leader if you take time to reflect on past experiences, discuss future goals, and identify ways to engage your group. The Be a Leader Thumball is a discussion tool to help you develop key leadership qualities and identify specific ways to communicate your vision, spread enthusiasm, build your team's esteem, seek broad perspectives, and more.

Be flexible

Expect to adapt your use of this tool to the needs and experience of your group. Some may be able to give quick or pat answers to a prompt; others might want to take some time to discuss or brainstorm best practices; still others might benefit from delving into a conversation about the implied leadership quality in order to discuss why it's important. If a player finds a prompt particularly difficult, invite them to take a PASS, ASK A FRIEND, or request a DISCUSSION about why it matters.


  • Discuss similarities or differences in replies.
  • Have everyone respond to the same prompt.
  • Discuss the long-term implications of various actions.

©Trainers Warehouse – Trainers Warehouse holds the copyright for this set of questions. Reproductions cannot be made without express approval.


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  • 5
    Love this

    Great way to promote group interactions and discussion.

  • 5
    Great for Leadership Workshops or Retreats!

    This is a great product to get workshop or classroom participants engaged in activity. It makes for a great ice-breaker activity or for a game to break the monotony of a long day of conference presentations. I love that it added some fun to my presentation while still keeping us engaged in our discussion topic of leadership. I love the Thumball! It was a huge hit!

  • 5
    Great investment

    Great overall

  • 5
    I recommend everyone try this.

    Love what this has accomplished in the classroom.

  • 5
    Great product to get a conversation going.

    We recently started a book club for management to tackle nontechnical skills and ideas to create stronger leaders. These are not topics we have discussed in the past, and we are using the thumballs to start each meeting. It really helps get the conversation moving.

  • 5
    Be a Leader

    We use these during our leadership training.

  • 5


  • 5
    Great Start to our Leadership Training

    It was easy, fun, and participants learned something about themselves and others.

Be A Leader Thumball

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