CaseCards - FEEDBACK Situations & Solutions

12 relevant scenarios to role-play and practice giving and receiving feedback

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Frustrated with the lack of relevant business scenarios for developing people?

Looking for ways to enhance your coaching? CaseCards are for you!

CaseCards - FEEDBACK Situations & Solutions are a collection of real life business situations for use in training, coaching, and related workplace learning endeavors.

The scenarios are industry-generic and present the most common challenges people encounter when working with others. Each card provides just enough information to understand the issue and the context of the situation, leaving the solution open-ended for participants to explore together.

PRACTICE THE SKILL OF GIVING FEEDBACK: You can't learn to swim by reading a book, and you can't learn many important business skills by listening to a lecture. Want to give feedback to your boss? Coach performance? Influence a peer? Calm an irate customer? Improve teamwork? Chances are, watching a video or listening to a lecture even engaging in a discussion will only give you knowledge and awareness. But it's SKILL you need.

CaseCards provide many diverse practice opportunities and the more people practice, the more quickly they build new skills and confidence. Knowledge becomes skill . . . skill which people can take back to the workplace and start using right away.

Downward Feedback

One hallmark of any leader is the ability to give meaningful feedback to direct reports. Facilitators may use a variety of models to teach feedback skills. These scenarios can be used to reinforce any model. They address situations that will no doubt be very familiar to your workshop participants, capturing the kinds of things leaders need to give feedback on nearly every day.

Peer Feedback

While most professionals are accustomed to giving feedback to their direct reports, giving feedback to peers is just as important and certainly more complicated! You'll recognize some of the characters in these cases . . . the needy co-worker, the slacker, the complainer, and others . . . people whose behavior needs to be addressed, and soon! The person who can skillfully give feedback to a peer clearly demonstrates leadership potential.

Upward Feedback

Giving feedback to a boss requires skill, finesse, and nerves of steel! Forward-thinking organizations recognize that leaders can only get better when they receive honest, helpful feedback from various constituents including their direct reports. This deck provides a dozen realistic cases to help people learn this tricky skill. Both positive and constructive feedback scenarios provide plenty of practice.

ALSO AVAILABLE SEPARATELY -- The Feedback Superdeck. See product code #RPCCFC.

The Superdeck contains one of each of the three feedback decks, enabling you to add variety to your workshop and be sure there are scenarios that are relevant to ALL participants front line people and executives alike! The Feedback decks lend themselves well to a variety of training topics including feedback (of course!), assertiveness, and conflict management.

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DECK FORMAT: Each deck contains 12 unique scenarios, each on a separate 5" x 7" card. They are printed in full color on heavy cardstock, with a glossy finish and rounded corners so they will stand up to multiple training sessions and those inevitable trips in your briefcase!

Each comes with online access to a facilitator's guide. This guide offers:

  • Philosophy behind CaseCards®
  • Suggestions for how you can use the cards
  • Guidelines for how to conduct meaningful role-play, as well as what to do other than role-play
  • Suggestions for group sizes and how much time to allow for cases
  • Tips for inexperienced facilitators
  • and more!

Feedback CaseCards are available in Spanish. Call us for details and ordering information.

CaseCards -- For Training, Coaching, and Workplace Learning!

CaseCards - FEEDBACK Situations & Solutions

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