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Awards & Recognition

EXPLORE THE "JUST RIGHT RECOGNITION" INFOGRAPHIC:   A meta-analysis of 19 reinforcement theory studies revealed that recognition improves performance by a whopping 15%! And what was #1 choice for recognition? Sincere praise. It doesn’t take much . . . a word of kindness, a hand-written note, a token of appreciation, a certificate . . . the important thing is that we do it! 

  • Gift Certificate from Trainers Warehouse


    Help your favorite trainers put a little ZEST in their life and work. Trainers Warehouse Gift Certificates are available for $10 and up. Gift Certificates that are be purchased online must also be redeemed online, click the link below.   


  • Go T.E.A.M. cards & TEAM Power Tokens

    Go T.E.A.M.Token/Cards Combo (set of 10 each)

    A great giveaway for all who contributed to a GREAT TEAM EFFORT! Working together for a common purpose can be as challenging as it is fulfilling, as each individual sets aside their personal needs for a collective goal. When it's all over -- whether it's...


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  • Kudos for Work Sticky Notes Orange

    Kudos for Work Sticky Notes Orange (set 10)

    Kudos for Work Sticky Notes let you leave happy recognition at a colleagues's computer or workstation.  Don't wait for momentous events to give positive feedback. Use these clever notes liberally to boost learners' and colleagues' spirits, recognize...


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  • Kudos Tokens and Cards Combo

    Kudos Tokens and Cards Combo (set of 10 each)

    Say KUDOS with a token that says, great job!  Don't reserve praise for only your top performers. Everyone likes to receive praise and it feels good to give it. Encourage sharing appreciation of others with these unique card/ token combo.Each...


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